Solar Water Pump

Ensure constant water supply to your farm, livestock
or home with solar water pumps

Where Can You Use It?

Which Solar Pump is Suitable for You?

solar submersible pump

Submersible Pump

These are primarily used to pump water out of wells. Submersible pumps are particularly suitable for the use cases where water is not required in large quantity. An off-grid home is a good case. However, it is inappropriate for irrigation since the quantity of water required for farming is generally far more than that for a home.

Life Capacity

Casing size

Surface Pump

If you intend to move water from one place to another, surface pumps are the way to go. The variations in these pumps allow you to change volume of water and pressure with which it is delivered. The water can be delivered 200 ft apart and even more.

Water flow (small)

Water flow (large)

How Does a Solar Pump Work?

Heat produced from the sunlight accelerates electrons on the solar panel surfaces enabling these electrons to generate DC power.

This power is supplied to the controller which then enables the motor to drive the pump.

The submersible pump pushes the water upwards towards a storage tank. The size of solar panel depends on the quantity of water required to be pumped.

If the water needs to be delivered to a point located several hundred feet apart from the submersible pump, a surface pump is required.

Solar Water Pump

Put Sunlight to an Effective Use

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