Solar Inverters

Convert the energy in solar panel acquired from
sun into electrical power using a Solar Inverter

Why Solar Inverter

Why do you need an Inverter?

Solar panel can receive the sunlight and transform it into electrical energy. Meanwhile, batteries can store this electrical energy. However, this DC supply is not going to work to run the electrical appliances at your home. You need to convert the direct current into alternating current. Inverters does the job of converting DC to AC supply.

How does it work?

Our engineers examine the existing apparatus at your end and location where solar panels are placed. The location is significant since the amount of exposure to sun and the structure of the surface where panels are placed have impact on the type of inverters.

Solar Inverter

Our Range of Inverters

Off-Grid Inverters

Each unit of power produced is first stored in the battery source as DC supply before sending it forward to inverters for conversion into AC power. Thus, the excessive energy produced remains stored within the attached battery.

Solar inverter

On-Grid Inverters

The DC supply goes straight into the inverter since there is no battery source in-between to store the energy. The inverter converts DC power to AC supply for in homes, offices, farms and factories. As there is no battery to store the power, the excessive power goes back and can be sold to the grid if a two-way net-meter is placed.

On-Grid Inverter

Put Sunlight to an Effective Use

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