Solar Geyser

Is the electric or gas geyser coming down too hard on
your utility bills? Switch to Solar Geyser today.

Solar Geyser Benefits

Why Get Solar Geyser?

Whether you are living off-grid or in an area where electricity and gas are available, solar geysers are essential if the sunlight is sufficient to generate power in that region. The traditional geysers powered by electricity and gas are result in multiplied number of units used, and hence increasing the amount of bills drastically.

Ensure Clean Environment

Traditional geysers wreak havoc with the environment by releasing excessive amount of pollutants in the air. Relatively, the amount of same released by solar geysers is almost negligible.

Clean Solar Energy

Types of Solar Geysers?

Direct Solar Geyser

The attached solar panels generate sufficient power to heat up the water which is pump into the panel and stored. Direct solar geysers can heat large volumes of water simultaneously. Moreover, the larger surface area of pipes allows direct systems to fill the tanks far quicker than indirect systems.

Solar hot water system

Indirect Solar Geyser

These systems use an anti-freezing solution that flows in the solar panels to keep the water heated. This heated water than flows to the geyser. The anti-freezing solution prevents pipes and geyser itself from freezing, and hence disallowing corrosion or any permanent damage. A solar flat plate can also be used with indirect systems.

Solar Geyser

Put Sunlight to an Effective Use

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