Sustainability is the major talking point in this era. This has speeded up the development of renewable energy solutions. General awareness has enabled businesses and individuals to be more socially responsible than before. Solar energy solutions in Pakistan especially are developing constantly. This development is because the awareness of the need for sustainability has affected countries, all around the world, however with different intensities.

Most developed countries are more actively working towards sustainable development, while developing, and underdeveloped countries are doing what lies within their capacities. Pakistan being a developing country, is playing a considerable role when it comes to using the renewable energy resource: solar energy.

Such persistent development means that there are always new technologies, products, and packages being introduced in the market.

All over the world, individuals, organizations, and countries are making efforts at all heights to incorporate ‘Sustainability’ into their professional as well as personal lives. Time and again, research and studies have shown that the more ethical/socially responsible a system is, the more profitable it becomes. Being socially responsible calls for individuals to be responsible for the resources under their utilization. That includes making a shift from using non-renewable energy resources to renewable energy resources. This practice is the key to attain sustainability.

How is Solar Energy a Sustainable Solution in Pakistan

Solar energy projects in Pakistan are helping in achieving sustainability, on a national level. As they realize that depletion of non-renewable or perishable resources has disturbed the balance of nature, sustainability, and ecology of the planet.

That is why green-energy solutions have stepped in, with solar energy solutions being most prominent, especially in Pakistan.

Productivity of solar energy systems in Pakistan is relatively much higher than it is in most countries. Reason being, that Pakistan has high amounts of sunlight available, and not too high temperatures. This works as the perfect environment for optimal production of solar energy. This God gifted factor to Pakistan, has contributed towards the development of solar energy companies in Pakistan.

Solar Energy solutions work by converting light energy, (coming from the Sun) into electrical energy, and using it to power homes, factories, offices, shops, farms etc. This mechanism gives Pakistan an edge, because Pakistan is one of the countries where sunlight is available for the most part of the day, for a big chunk of the year.

Solar energy technology is almost 3000 years old. It started with using a magnifying glass to concentrate sunrays and make fire. Since then, a work of centuries has led us to the complex systems that we use today. For example, a relatively newer development: hybrid solar energy solutions, is revolutionizing.

Hybridization of Solar Energy

Before hybrid solar energy solutions, the systems were connected to the grid only. And the excess solar energy produced was given to the grid. The lack of production of solar energy at night, made it critical for consumers to rely upon energy from the grid. Which means, that if, the grid was down, and there was a blackout, the consumers had no energy to power their systems with.

Hybridization has basically combined grid and battery storage systems, and presented us with a new solution. In simpler terms, Systems that were previously connected with the electricity grid only, now have battery storage as well. This allows consumers to use at night, the excess energy that was created and stored in the day (during peak production hours). In case of depletion of the stored energy, the grid acts as a backup and provides energy for consumption during dark hours.

Instead of only storing energy, it also provides energy to the grid that can be used by other consumers. That makes you an energy consumer and producer at the same time. Needless to say, you earn money for the energy that you produce.

Solar Salar – Your Energy Partner

Solar energy solutions in Pakistan are categorized according to different usage patterns. At Solar Salar we categorize them as; Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farming, Rural, and Corporate.

With so many solutions, products and packages available in the market, consumers have a lot of choices. However, to figure out the best plan and/or products, according to your energy requirements, location, surface area, budget, and several other factors; can get very tricky. In order to assist you in this, we have just the right team in place.

We at Solar Salar, have a remarkable team of experts who understand solar energy solutions in Pakistan , extremely well. They will do; sight survey, device installation, integration and testing, configuration, and maintenance.

In simpler terms, our team of experts will not only help you find the best possible solar energy solution within your budget, but they will also install and maintain it on your behalf. You can lose all cares concerning solar energy solutions, and leave it to Solar Salar.

We encourage all businesses, individuals to make most of this technology that turns free light energy into something as fundamental and useful as electricity. We, at Solar Salar, bring to you; the best available products, and develop suitable plans and packages according to your requirements.

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