Solar energy is one of the most practiced green-energy solutions. There is no more need to explain how and why it is a growing field. Solar Energy Solutions in Pakistan especially, are developing faster by the day. So why not examine what other countries are doing, to level up our Solar Energy Projects in Pakistan.

Today, let’s take a look at what other countries have done with solar energy solutions, and gather inspirations for Pakistan!

Top 5 Inspirational Projects from Around the World

Here are the top 5 creative solar energy projects that are really inspiring!

World’s First Solar Energy Highway

China opened its Photovoltaic Road in 2017, in Jinan. This road has a capability of producing 1GW/h energy. If China were to apply the same technology to two lanes of all of its expressways, the whole country could start operating entirely upon Solar Energy, and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 7.2 billion tonnes.

Solar Tindo Bus

Australia brought forward the world’s first solar energy powered bus. It was designed by a New Zealand’s company. Not only does it travel 125 miles, before needing a recharge, it also provides free Wifi and A/C for upto 40-42 passengers.

Sungrow Solar Farm

China has made the world’s largest Floating Solar Farm in the world. The solar farm is a sign that China is finally trying to clean up her reputation as a polluter.

Canal Solar Power Project

The canal solar power project in India, is a two in one project. The canal not only provides a place for solar panels to be installed, but also, the solar panels installed right above the canal water serve as a shield that keeps canal water from evaporating due to immense heat/sun. This has saved India, millions of gallons of water, per year.

Cochin International Airport

This Solar investment from India is finally paying off. Not only does it provide Solar energy for consumption for the entire airport, but it also produces extra electricity that is sent to the grid. This way the Airport has become not only self-sufficient, and also provides electricity to the grid.

How is Solar Energy Effective in Pakistan

It is wonderful that younger generations are more keen and responsible. Awareness, and the world coming together for a common cause has enabled people to know more and more about the need and ways to sustainable development. It has made it way easier to compare struggles and strategies, and share proven methods, and solutions, and hence; get optimal results.

Since the younger generations have already faced the consequences of un-sustainable development, they care about the future of the planet.

Lowered quality of life, emission of carbon in the air, and diseases breaking out, have prepared us to fight against unsustainable development, with more seriousness than ever.

We do realize that without sustainable development, we would be gasping for clean air and searching for drinkable water, within a few years!

Let’s face it, change takes time. These awareness campaigns, motivational talks, and protest walks, cannot change the world overnight. All these efforts will bear fruit faster, only if the Solar Energy Providers in Pakistan, are working in a manner; equally as diligent. Although Pakistan has shown huge developments in this area. We can still look at some of the most amazing Solar energy solution projects all over the world, and thrive to compete with them. It would require personal as well as communal efforts to make it possible. We recommend all individuals to incorporate solar panel solutions in their homes, offices, businesses, schools etc.

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