Solar Charge Controller

Get a solar charge controller today to prevent overcharging
and undercharging of the accumulator

Solar Charge Controller

How does it work?

A battery and a solar component connect on either ends of a solar charge controller. Ahead of battery sits the appliance that uses solar power to run. As the consumer demand widely varies depending on the daily usage and solar is configured to produce a fixed amount of power, the presence of a controller is significant to prevent excess or shortage of charging.

Why Use Charge Controller?

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Which charge controller do You need?

Shunt Regulator

This regulator triggers a short-circuit by shutting the transformer as soon as the need arises.

Solar Shunt Regulator

Series Regulator

When the voltage reaches its end-of-charge state, the module current flowing through a transformer stops. The transformer switches as the voltage drops.

Solar Series Regulator

Put Sunlight to an Effective Use

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