Rural Solar Solutions

Solar Salar solutions are designed and built to cater to Pakistan's energy needs

solar for rural areas

Potential of Solar in Rural Areas

Pakistan, with its huge population of over 20 million people, is facing an acute shortage of water resources. The existing dams are insufficient to cater to the huge demand while new dams would take time. Most rural areas in Pakistan receive over 8 hours of sunshine daily – making them highly suitable for solar power generation.

Best Power Solution for Pakistan

Solar energy is the most effective response to the growing energy needs in the rural areas and remote regions. Consider solar energy so that the natives of these areas may get an affordable means of powering their residences and business units.

Solar for Remote Areas

Services We Provide

We have a wide stack of experts for site survey, device installation, integration, configuration, and maintenance.

Solar Device Delivery

Device Delivery

Solar Energy System Installation

System Installation

Testing & Maintenance

Testing and Maintenance

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

System Configuration

System Configuration

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