Residential Solar Solutions

Site survey, installation and configuration of residential solar system

reduce electricity bills

Reduce Electricity Bills

Get Solar PV modules installed at your homes and apartments and save the electricity bills by over 20%. We also integrate IoT-based technologies with solar PV to turn your residence into a smart home.

Sell Excess with Net-Metering

Adopt the net-metering approach that allows you to sell the additional or unused power produced by your solar panel to the national grid. Thus, your solar powered electricity system does not only power your home but enables you to earn as well in the process.

Residential Solar System

Services We Provide

We have a wide stack of experts for site survey, device installation, integration, configuration, and maintenance.

Solar Device Delivery

Device Delivery

Solar Energy System Installation

System Installation

Testing & Maintenance

Testing and Maintenance

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

System Configuration

System Configuration

Energy Marketplace

Put Sunlight to an Effective Use

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