Save costs on utility bills and generate clean energy at your
place of work or residence by utilizing Solar Salar Products

home solar system

Home Solar

Generate the electricity at your home
and store it in durable batteries

On-Grid Inverter

Solar Inverter

Make the best use of sunlight by converting its heat into electrical
energy that powers your home, office, factory, or farm

Deep cycle battery

Solar Battery

Store the excessive power in batteries produced by solar
panel for use in the times during overcast conditions

Solar Panels

Solar Panel

Convert the energy in solar panel acquired from
sun into electrical power using a Solar Inverter

solar submersible pump

Solar Water Pump

Ensure constant water supply to your farm,
livestock or home with solar water pumps

Solar Geyser

Solar Geyser

Is the electric or gas geyser coming down too hard on
your utility bills? Switch to Solar Geyser today.

Residential LED Lights

LED Lights

Replace the traditional outdoor lighting system with solar-powered
LED lights to save cost and power from non-renewable resources.

Solar Shunt Regulator

Solar Charge Controller

Get a solar charge controller today to prevent overcharging
and undercharging of the accumulator

Put Sunlight to an Effective Use

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