Net Metering

Take the solar power utilization to new heights by
selling the excessive power to national grid

Net Metering

What is Net Metering?

There are times when the solar installed at your home, office or farm generates more electric power than consumption requirement. You can send this excessive amount of energy to national grid and essentially earn monetary benefits in return. This process of sharing electricity is called net metering.

How Does Net Metering Work?

The solar panels installed at your location converts the solar energy into DC electric power. The unused AC power goes to the grid and is accessible to the power utility company so that it can be distributed to other consumers and cater to their demand. Meanwhile, the inverter at your location converts DC to AC power to provide electricity to your home appliances.

Advantages of Net Metering

Cost Saving Net Metering

Remarkable Cost Saving

Avoid the traditional inefficient means of electric power and utilize the advanced and cost-effective net metering technology powered by Solar Salar.

Electricity Bill Net Metering

Source of Revenue

Net metering does not only save costs but enables you to earn money as well by selling the excessive amount of power produced to national grid.

Net Metering Revenue

Control in Your Own Hands

Keep the control of power utility bills in your own hands by avoiding additional taxes that are essentially the adjustments for the unused electricity.

Pakistan Net Metering

Contribute to National Cause

Net metering allows you to contribute to a national cause by providing the excessive electricity to grid and thereby assisting in meeting the needs.

Put Sunlight to an Effective Use

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