Solar LED Lights

Replace the traditional outdoor lighting system with solar-powered
LED lights to save cost and power from non-renewable resources

Solar Street Lights

Street Lights

Are you a city administrator who wants to get rid of the conventional street lights? Switch to solar LED lights today and save electricity as well as cost of frequent maintenance.

Garden Lamps

These mini solar panel mounted lamps stand in the garden, save heat energy to power the lights inside them.

Solar Garden Lamps
Wall Mounted Lamps

Wall-Mounted Lamps

These lamps suspended on the outdoor walls. They provide bright light at night if the save enough energy in the day. Wall-mounted lamps work best in the areas where sun shines for several hours in a day.

Our Commercial and Residential Products

Commercial LED Lights

Our wide range of commercial LED lights enable the administrative bodies to attain highest efficiency in power production by replacing the traditional grid based power with solar energy.

Commercial LED lights

Residential LED Lights

Restructure the power utilization at your home with a range of solar lights The lights can be utilized in gardens, lamps, and search lights.

Residential LED Lights

Put Sunlight to an Effective Use

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