Home Solar System

Generate the electricity at your home
and store it in durable batteries

home solar system

A Comprehensive Solar Energy System

You do not need to get panels batteries and other components separately and then mess around with the incompatibility problems. Solar Salar provides a comprehensive Home Solar solution with industry-standard panels, inverters and lithium-ion batteries. We install and configure the solution for you.

Why Get Home Solar System?

  • ~90% efficiency with DC flow
  • Negligible GHG emissions
  • Incredibly less costly
  • No frequent maintenance
  • No more power outages

How to get home solar?

Place an order and then all you need to do is to sit back and relax because we will take care of the rest. Our team will draw a feasibility study by either visiting your home in-person or analyzing it over satellite-based maps. We will pick the most suitable size and design of panel that corresponds to your needs.

solar system at home

Put Sunlight to an Effective Use

Share your contact details so that we can reach you to discuss the transformation of electricity production at your home, office or farm through innovative solar solutions.