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We are revolutionizing agriculture and farming with renewable power generation

Agricultural Solar

Avoid Delays Due to Power Outage

1000MW in Pakistan is consumed on pumping water through electricity from grid stations. At times, there is a delay in effective farming due to uncontainable challenges like excessive power outages.

Adopt Solar Salar Solutions

Landowners and farmers can switch to localized solar PV instead of a grid to produce electricity for irrigation on hyperlocal level. This would enable the farming community to get cheaper and continuous source of energy while administration can save this energy and power other sectors instead.

Solar for farms

Services We Provide

We have a wide stack of experts for site survey, device installation, integration, configuration, and maintenance.

Solar Device Delivery

Device Delivery

Solar Energy System Installation

System Installation

Testing & Maintenance

Testing and Maintenance

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

System Configuration

System Configuration

Energy Marketplace

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