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We have a wide stack of experts for site survey, device installation, integration, configuration, and maintenance.

Our History

Solar Salar was founded in 2019 with an aim to establish an eco-friendly power distribution model in Pakistan. It was also intended at enabling the commercial and domestic consumers to save more on their electricity bills.

Initially, we distributed the imported products to local retailers. With time, we also started to install and configure the solar panels and inverters. The local team matured and grew with time to offer more innovative approaches for utilizing solar energy effective.

Today, Solar Salar leads the PV energy market in Pakistan with its operations in multiple cities across the country.

Solar Salar
Solar Energy Provider Pakistan

Our Vision

We intend to revolutionize the power production sector in Pakistan by ensuring widespread utilization of clean, renewable and inexpensive power using solar energy.

Moreover, we also strive to use latest technologies and strategies like net metering and decentralized energy marketplace to restructure the energy sector for higher efficiency.

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