How is Solar Energy Beneficial?

Solar energy with its negligible amount of carbon emission as compared to the traditional sources enables it to keep the environment clean.

With 8.5 hours of average sunlight per day, the potential of solar system in Pakistan scores among the top 15 countries with highest potential of PV energy production.

Government of Pakistan provides incentives to investors to increase the use of solar PV that currently fulfills 5% of Pakistan’s total energy production.

Power plants are located miles away from consumers and distribution sources. Using microgrid with solar power system can ensure uninterrupted power.

Solar panels have up to 90% energy efficiency enabling you to transform most of the solar energy into electrical energy.

Why Choose Solar Salar?

Solar Salar offers the most sought-after PV energy devices and services under highly competitive pricing plans.

Power your house or workplace with solar-powered panels having incredibly long-lasting durability.

Although we provide free maintenance service for a year, yet you can easily operate solar power system thereafter.

Regardless of how tough the climate conditions be, Solar Salar stands strong with its matchless weather proof technology.

Surplus energy can be sold back to grid stations by using an approach called Net Metering. Thus, solar energy provides means of earning too.

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We have a wide stack of experts for site survey, device installation, integration, configuration, and maintenance.

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Device Delivery

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Testing and Maintenance

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Feasibility Study

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